Sunday, May 19, 2013

birthday planning for cupcake

I have already started brainstorming Ri's 1st birthday.
 I know. I am crazy. It is 5 4.5 months away but here is the deal: I work full time August-May, and with September kicking off football season (we don't mess with Southern football, ya'll), it would be smart of me to get a lot of her party deets covered this summer while I am on break.
Plus, with her only turning one, the theme can pretty much be all up to me. She won't know the difference; as long as there are toys and food, she is good.
Ya feel me?!
Ri's day-mom (I hate the word "sitter" and "nanny" for so many reasons) has always called her "Cupcake." Ironically, we gave my mom a pink cupcake on her birthday last year, when we found out we were having a girl. Also, Ri's initals are framed on the wall in her nursery, with the letter "C" having a cupcake printed on it. Cheesy coincidences? Maybe. But who freakin' doesn't like cupcakes!? 
I took the cupcake theme just a bit further with the idea of more of a "Sweets Shop" to give us more options to play around with. Here is an inspiration board I put together to jump start the planning. 

With a plan like this, it seems easy enough, but looks like I have a lot of DIY in my summer's future! I look forward to starting to process and posting about the projects! 

Items for purchase and optional vendors:
Straws, paper goods, twine, balloons & milk jugs: The TomKat Studio


  1. Sur la Table has tons of cute party supplies (cupcake cups, paper straws, etc.) they are local too which helped with my OCD need for everything to not clash. Happy planning!

  2. Thank you, Ashley! Didn't even think to check there! I have been wanting to go by so here is my excuse! :)