Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas cheer

I was finally getting into the Christmas spirit 3 days before Christmas. I am reassuring myself that the lack of holiday cheer this year has been due to a newborn in the house and starting back to work the week before Christmas. I still can't help but be excited for the years to come when we get to play Santa and load Ri up with goodies that she will squeal about as we videotape every second of it. I can't wait to take her to the Polar Express or drive around drinking hot chocolate and eating sausage balls while looking at Christmas lights. I especially can't wait to start her tradition of opening up a pair of Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve every year for her to wear to bed while Santa makes his stop at our place. We never did that tradition at my house growing up, but my friends did and I loved it. I just can't.wait.

In lieu of that future tradition, I naturally spotted some pretty presh Christmas pajamas that I am hoping some stinkin' cute kid out there was wearing this Christmas Eve.

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my little munchkin in her Christmas pj's of course.

And Copper...

Even though time hasn't really allowed it to feel like Christmas for me this year, my house on the otherhand, is feeling quite festive. It is just a bit toned down from years past. Here are some instagrams of the Campisi abode this holiday...

Our one and only tree. Rustic with pheasant feathers, burlap and moss.
I plan on one day having a food themed tree in our kitchen,
as well as an Auburn tree for our beloved tigers.
Guess I should be asking for a bigger house for Christmas!

Rilynn's very own Christmas tree in her nursery. I never want to take the thing down.
It is adorbs and  has been quite a good nightlight! 

Ri's very first Old World Christmas ornament I bought her this year.
Baby's 1st Christmas ornament from Li Li, right next to the OWC ornament of Copper. Duh.

My sideboard is decorated with live evergreen and NOEL was a Pinterest idea.

I am obsessed with our stockings. Mine and Hubs are the ones on the outside. I adore them.
I  purchased them on Etsy back in the day, but you can read about them here.
Rilynn and Copper's were not purchased together but wound up complimenting each other perfectly. 

And I had to add this last one of our annual Tacky Christmas party at some friends' home.
I was a leg lamp and am pretty proud of it.

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

dude-stuffed stocking

Hi all! So I am pretty sure hubs never looks at my blog, otherwise he wouldn't be asking me what I want in MY stocking for Christmas... so here is a list of what he is getting in his. :) If you DO see this Hubs, Merry Christmas! :)

4. Outdoor Sporting Goods Gift Card
7. Mini liquors

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

first Christmas list

I understand that my child is only going to be 12 weeks old on Christmas but the girl could always use more "stuff"! (I mean, couldn't we all!?)  Lucky for me, she is too young to choose her own items so it is like Christmas x2 for me this year as I happily chose some items for her. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Months 1-2 Must Haves

I seriously don't know how I could have gotten through without this monitor. I can carry the homescreen anywhere in the house and be able to see and hear her every peep, I can talk to her through it & it is super easy to take with you anywhere you might want to have it available for use. 

This thing is super cheap but has spa sounds, including a heart beat, that sound much more realistic than some devices. Rilynn was not a huge fan of her Sleep Sheep but we use this sound macine every single time she sleeps. Plus, it has projections to play on the wall when she is a bit older. 

I did a lot of research on my diaper pails before Rilynn arrived. I have smelled one too many nurseries that immediately made you think, Dirty.Diaper. This diaper pail has been everything I read it would be. Super easy to change out (you can use regular 'ole garbage bags!) and I seriously don't smell a single diaper as long as the lid is closed. It is amazeballs. 

Our tub situation was a bit tricky. Our PUJ tubs never really fit right in our sinks, and Rilynn was so tiny she would just crumple into a little ball at the bottom and scream. Until her stump fell off, we just used a foam matt and sponge bathed her on the counter. But then I found this tub. I wasn't excited about it's bulkiness, but I liked that it would grow with her and for now, had a perfect little nest for her to bathe in while so tiny. We have been super pleased with it.

I learned quickly that I hate despise newborn gowns. Totally sucks since I had a ton of them, but they just seemed so time consuming to get that elastic all the way down her body, and then back up when it was time to change her diaper. I found that footies were our favorite. We didn't have to pull them over her head and we only have to unfasten the legs to change her diaper so she isn't fussy from being cold. I know they keep her warm, and they are just EASY. And you can find a gazillion super cute ones. 

Rilynn has had a pretty stuffy nose since birth and is now producing some nice little boogs overnight. I have used the NoseFrida from day one and she has never really had a problem with it. I spray a little Saline Spray in her nostrils in the morning, change her diaper and then suck it out. In the evenings before bed, I let the shower run after I get her out of the bathtub and let the vapors loosen up her nose and then use it again. Hubs gags when he watches me use it. Wimp. 

We have loved this carseat. Top of the line, kiddos. I feel like she is safe in it and it seems quite cozy. Plus, I just adore that it snaps so easily into it's base as well as our stroller. 

A friend of mine told me about these. I ordered them for Rilynn for Christmas but let her have a sneak peek at them when she was only 7 weeks old. She was mesmerized! Since she was at an age where there was some new alertness but no capabilities to do anything, we used these cards to work on her tracking skills and  just because. 

Some point during the first two months, Rilynn changed from her Soothie pacifiers to these and her Nuks. I like these for bedtime because they sit so flush on her face and don't have the little handle that pokes out. Since we are tummy sleepers (I know, I know), the other pacifiers would fall out constantly. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

two months

Two months old... I find myself getting choked up now when I see movies or tv shows of people delivering, or finding out they are pregnant. The movie Nine Months came on yesterday and I cried. I watched the Giuliana and Bill episode where they introduce Edward Duke to the world- 3 times- and cried each time. It seems like I just left the hospital, yet so long ago, all in one. I am loving that little Ri's personality is starting to evolve but now I understand how much I need to cherish the moments we get to just sit and cuddle while she is so tiny. 
Ri is starting to coo and make the cutest little noises and really loves to check everything out. She is an UP and OUT baby- doesn't like lying flat on her back, doesn't like facing you in her Baby Bjorn. She wants to sit up and out and see everything. 
She loves the Christmas tree lights, getting kisses from Copper and grins from ear to ear when you tickle her feet. She has started smiling when I come in to see her and I just eat it up!!

We have started sleeping longer through the night, although we aren't quite there yet. We are still getting up in the MOTN but it is only once and usually around 3 or 4 so it isn't too bad! We HAVE finally cut down to about 5-6 feedings of 3-4 ozs each, but it literally just happened suddenly in the past few days so we are definitely making great progress. 

Rilynn is still a great sleeper, but after a few days of tiny naps=tiny feedings, I decided to try her on her tummy. Unfortunately for me, the SIDS nazi, she loved it. Slept full naps and ate full meals. So, I have started putting her on her tummy during the day for naps since I can check in on her and stare at her monitor and she is sleeping in her swing in our room at night. She doesn't like being flat on her back, thus not putting her in her crib right now. I have been debating and have decided that once she can roll over, we are going back to her crib and I am just going to let her sleep how she wants. By then, SIDS likelihood goes down anyways. I have also purchased the Angelcare movement monitor for both Rilynn and myself for Christmas. Afterall, it will give the gift of sleep to us both!

We went for our 6 week doctor appt and got 5 vaccinations. She did great. Of course she screamed bloody murder but I had a bottle ready. She immediately forgot about it. She woke up screaming later that afternoon after her nap, but once I gave her some love and some Tylenol, she was good to go. No fever, nothing. That's my girl! 

Doc said she was now 9 lbs, 3 oz and 21 1/2 inches long! I am not at all surprised she is slower in the weight department but I am quite shocked that she has grown 4 inches since birth considering both of her parents are shorties. Either way, she is 50% in both height and weight but I am expecting it to slow down at some point. She is going to be a little one! 

We have left our Newborn diapers and I have had to put away newborn clothes. Sad day. But it also provides me with more fashionable options in the bigger sizes. 

We had our first holiday- Thanksgiving, and ate our way through it. Rilynn slept. 

Two month happenings:

Supported my Tigers through the worst season in history. 

Helped Mom and Dad vote in the presidential election on November 7, 2012. 

Shopped Christmas Village, which was a nightmare. But I did get this cute outfit out of it!

Happy Turkey Day!

Sitting in my Bumbo for the first time!!

We are very excited for Rilynn's first Christmas and enjoying it as a family. I can't wait to see what changes she has in store for us in the coming month, but will keep you updated, it is also my sad return to work!