Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fiddle Me This!

I am officially on Spring Break this week (one fabulous perk of being a teacher!) but hubby and I decided to tackle some home projects rather than tackle the beach. Plus, the weather here at home is just as fabulous so why not save the mullah (or spend it on new things for the nest?!). Due to these home facelifts we are working on, my tan is not projecting the assumption of time well spent in the sun and sand... so... I weasled myself into the tanning bed this afternoon- I know, I know. By the time I had taken in some Vitamin D and conversed with our friends who own my faux isle of Paradise, I was bouncing out the door with a stem. Huh?? Yes, a stem. A plant stem. The stem of my very first indoor plant, a Fiddle Leaf Fig, to be exact. There is a hue-mungo Fiddle Leaf in the foyer of the tanning salon. We got to talking about this beauty, it's size (after 12 years of growth) and how low-maintenance it is. As it turns out, the owners happened to have taken two stems off earlier today and placed them in water. One was for another customer and the other one, well, found itself headed to my place. I giggled as I left, thinking, I can see my husband now... rolling his eyes, asking "What have you gone and bought now? I thought you just went to the tanning bed?" Of course not, silly.
My instructions were: place the stem in a planter of potting soil and see if it will root. After some research, it looks like although you can get a Fiddle Leaf  from your local home improvement store, they don't tend to carry figs in bulk, so if my stem of Fiddle Leaf doesn't budge, I will be on the search for it's replacement. But until then, she is sitting tiny, but contently, in her new home. While waiting for major developmental changes in my new house plant, here are some pictures of Fiddle Leaf Figs, all grown up...

I love the neutral pallette of this room. Your eyes are drawn to the green leaves of this preciously perched Fig.

Real plants are good for air quality in your home. It's true! And the big hunk'a love shown here is sure to make this small space quite the oxygen bar!

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is like a snowflake, no one looks like another. They are each their own architectural pieces of art...

Here is my mind... traveling to the beach this Spring Break... with my stem of Fiddle Leaf  in tow (although I am fully aware of the fact that my little stem could actually sit on the end table).

If you notice in this picture, as well as some of those above, the Fiddle Leaf Fig tends to grow towards the sunlight... if you would like more symmetry in your house plant, turn your planter from time to time. I love me some fung shui, but this fig has a sort of "canopy" effect on this room. It is quite exotic!

I love this look. Gold accents, bright green leaves, rich purple Orchid petals, and a funky kick of animal prints. Fun, quirky, yet sophisticated.

I am no horticulturist, quite the opposite actually, so I am not sure how this homeowner found such a perfectly trunked fig, but I am pretty sure this is what I envisioned as a child when I was told to draw a tree. I like the little rogue stem off to the left, trying it's hardest not to conform...

In addition to everything else in this space, the flanking figs are stunning. They demand your attention and help tone down the strong voice of the drapes. And check out that light fixture, would'ya!? 

Here is another use of the Fiddle Leaf Fig and the Orchid. Hmm, maybe I need to get an Orchid to accompany my friend the Fig?

I adore this space for so so sooo many reasons!!! First off, check out the breathtaking tile in the kitchen. Hello, Heaven! I also dig the robin's egg blue lamps (I have one almost identical to them, so I might be partial...). The natural drum shades balance well with the hearth on the opposite wall, as well as the table and banister in the foreground. The punch of pink, fuschia & tangerine bring life to this space. And there peeps Fiddle from around the corner! Heeey, cutie!

Do you love this earthy find as much as I? My little stem of a friend is going to need all the love she can get! I will keep you posted throughout her childhood. ;)