Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two months later...

Wow. So I totally just started this new blog to keep up with life's happenings, but it is quite apparent that I haven't done much keeping up. More like falling way behind. But I also promised that this would not be something that would become a burden; instead, something for me to use as a memory preserver whenever I get a chance to sit and just.think.
Now that I get to do that, I am frantically trying to see what all has been going on since almost 2 months ago! Geez...
OK, well, thanks to being OCD and a list-checker, I can look back at my purse calendar and all of a sudden, it's an "A-ha!" moment.
The beginning of October was super busy- no one I have checked out. Our precious bubba, Copper, turned ONE on the 7th. I don't know how much he liked his birthday present (I ordered him a precious burlap stocking to join mom and dad's on the mantle this year) but I did give him some puppy ice cream which he loved! I was wanting to throw him a party (I know, ridiculous my hubs says. But I am an event planner all the way so any excuse to plan and I am in!), but decided to wait until summer when his new girlfriend, Molly (a labradoodle) turns one. :)

My little tribute from work to Copper on his birthday... bored, much?

Eating his burfday pupscream. And loving it.

Copper's precious birthday present from his mommy.

The next day, our friends Hannah and Denton got married. It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and great reception at the Matt Jones Art Gallery. Denton grew up with my husband and was in our wedding. I actually knew Hannah in college before either Chris or Denton came into the picture so it was another one of those fateful things.

Me and my best friend of 10 years!

October 10th was our 2 year wedding anniversary! CANNOT believe it has already been 2 years!!! Time flies when you are having fun. I thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary. I took the day off from work so Chris and I could just hang out. We went shopping and wound up getting him some clothes from Saks and me a pair of Frye boots I had on my wardrobe wishlist. So I was a happy gal. I liked even more that we didn't do gifts necessarily. Instead, we just browsed and bought things we liked. We then ate dinner at Flemings for the first time ever. Cannot believe we have never eaten there- I swear it was one of the best meals I have ever had. We were both floored that we have been missing out on this place. So the evening ended with us stuffed, content and sleepy. So it was a nice uneventful day of just being together.
The next week: 24 hour virus that had me on my butt for 2 days crying for my mommy. Not kidding. The perks of working in schools...
And then all of the other weekends have been consumed by orange and blue, grilled meat and a handful of Auburn Tiger wins and losses. We actually went to the Auburn versus Florida game. It was my first time down to my alma mater this year and I had a great time. I just love being down there. Its so nostaligic and bittersweet at the same time because so much has changed in just a few years of me being gone. I have changed, grown up, moved on. And the loveliest village has done the same. But either way, I will always love it and know that I can create new memories of that place with my own kids one day...
We also spent a wonderful Saturday with our friends Mandy and Jared. They had some friends over and all of the kids they are making! It was good to see them all... we all went to high school together many years ago so it is nice to catch up. Here are some pics from Auburn weekends this season (and one from me and the girls on my trip to the Alabama/LSU game just for fun)...

Mandy and my obsession: her son, Jake.

Precious Piper playing for the camera. We told her to "Be Gangsta" and this is what we got.
Pretty spot on, eh? :)

Delaney, the cutest little cheerleader, and youngest stunter I have ever met.

And how could I have missed Halloween? HELLO!? Only one of my favorite times. I love getting goofy and wasting a night away laughing at myself. Here is proof of that in 2011:

Boom. We were treasure trolls. We found bodysuits from a local dance apparel store, found matching tutus and wigs online and I made the belly jewels with glitter foam, a button & some hot glue. Not gonna lie, they turned out fantastic. We didn't want to take them off! :)

Snookie and, err, something. He didn't even know what he was.

Hubs and Jax from Sons of Anarchy, our FAV show!

C. Vines as Michael Jackson. Love it.

And of course, no Halloween is complete without Copper in his Jack-o-lantern costume!
Seriously, could he be any cuter?!?!

So that is October in a recap!