Tuesday, February 14, 2012

an alabama farm wedding

Happy Tuesday my little chic readers! I am so not happy today is only Tuesday. I most definitely work for the weekends. I am ready to get out of the buildings already and into the fresh air. In honor of fresh air, and today being Valentine's Day, here is the long awaited sneak peek of our Pinterest finds that will be used as the inspiration for the gorgeous, farm wedding we are planning for June ( I spoke about this wedding here). It makes me yearn for Spring and Summer to finally get back in my life!!

love this

People in the south love corn hole! Ain't that the truth!
                               reception lighting

                               ceremony program sign- LOVE this! Don't waste the money and paper on printed programs!

                               isle idea


                                                Mason jars with chalk labels, to put your drinks in. Could be favors too

                           Simple sunflower bouquet

                                           Sunflower balls

                                    birchwood log centerpiece...love!

                                          #Vintage #Crates

                                          So cute, I do & We did :)

                                          from scratch Strawberry Cupcake


Adorable, right? I cannot wait to begin putting all of these details together. Hopefully we can start some of the projects this weekend so I can post on them next week. Until then, have a GREAT rest of the week!!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

from my heart to yours

Happy Valentine's Day to my loves! I am definitely feeling the love today. Today is a very special Valentine's Day for hubs and I. Today is the day we go for our first BIG appointment with our obstetrician. That is right... I am pregnant! It was sort of a surprise, well, I am not going to lie, a huge surprise, but we couldn't be more excited for our lives to be turned upside down. Hubs has already been super helpful by picking up the slack around the house, on top of doing all of the cooking- which he already did since he is a super fabulous cook. I have been a walking zombie these last few weeks and literally feel like my energy has been sucked right out of me. I am so appreciative of his help and love to see him so excited about the baby growing in my tummy. The parents are uber excited too, already texting me names they are "trying on" for themselves.
It is still somewhat of a shock and I am trying not to get ahead of myself and just take it day by day. So that's exactly what I am doing - loving the love today- my family, friends, the baby God has in store for us, no matter blue or pink!

So from my heart to yours, have a loving, Happy Valentine's Day!!


Monday, February 13, 2012

stoked for the slopes

Beyond excited. Giddy. That's what I am. Chris and I were recently talking with a travel agent about tropical vacations for my spring break when I will be off for a week. Unfortunately, that is peak season and prices are doubled. I wasn't planning on paying double for something we could do this summer for half. So, we had just ultimately decided to hold off on any Spring Break vacations. A few days later, we are told there were two more spots open on a group trip to Breckenridge to go skiing at the end of February. They have rented a house right on the mountain- a ski in/ski out where we can actually sit in the hot tub on the porch and watch people ski right under neath us. And the whole sha-bang will be cheaper than what we were looking at spending for Spring Break---errr.... scratch that. Skiing is quite expensive, but we are excited we went through with the plans... We have never been skiing and had always said it would be a blast as a large group. Plus, with everyone starting to have babies, this could be our last chance for awhile. So DUH. We.are.in. Breckenridge in t-minus 5 days. I haven't been this excited for a trip in quite some time. As soon as we were told about the trip, plane tickets were booked and we began our research on the Breckenridge know-how. I have learned quite a lot since the research began. From Altitude Sickness, Apres-Ski attire & how to stand up in my ski's... to Polygamy Porters, the best brand of base layers and how to judge the best ski weather. Chris and I immediately went to Ski'N'Stuff, a local ski shop, and started trying stuff on. I went a little crazy and bought 2 pairs of ski pants, 3 pairs of base layers, sock liners & a fur scarf. One of my best friend's went to Tahoe a few years back and pretty much had everything else I could possibly need. So I am literally ready to go. :) My MIL let me borrow her Canon Rebel camera so I can take some beautiful snapshots of the landscape while we are there. Can't wait to share them!!