Sunday, May 5, 2013

mama's lovin

Mother's Day. I have celebrated it my whole life, but for my mama... thanking her for loving me so. I am very thankful this year to actually be a mama myself, and get to share it with my mom. It is funny- we grow up thinking Mother's Day is like our mom's second birthday. But when it is actually your turn, Mother's Day takes on a whole new meaning. Sure, it is a day to thank all the moms out there for keeping families afloat and the world turning (because let's face it, they are), but for me, it's a day I am just thankful for the honor of being my mini's mom, period. She is my best gift this Mother's Day, honestly.

But who am I kidding? Of course I expect something from hubs on Mother's Day. Over the course of the last year and a half, I have gotten huge, lost sleep, my sanity, pushed out a precious child & have become a WOHM. All the while, Hubs gets to pretty much carry on as usual. My social life now consists of whomever I see in Target and Publix on a weekly basis and there are days I have considered wearing a nightgown to work in hopes that people will just think it is a dress. So yea, I am not ashamed to think I am deserving of a thank you. Motherhood is a superpower. I never fathomed your brain could tackle so much mental organization and hold so much info/to do lists/reminders without exploding. And while I haven't really given it much thought, here is just a little list of things I wouldn't mind for Mother's Day... heck, even half of the list is  really for my child anyways. Yup, I am definitely now a mom...

1. Wooden outdoor swing My childhood memories consist of my mom and I swinging every day on the front porch, cuddling and singing. I have 2 weeks left of work before a summer vacation with mini and I plan to spend a majority of the next 2 months making similar memories on our own outdoor swing. 

2. Personalized Chevron Beach Bag I need a new beach bag but now that I have a babe, it is gonna have to be pretty heavy duty. Large enough for my junk and her junk, and sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear we will be putting on it this summer at the pool/beach. 

3. Britton Wedge Thong Sandal I love these Tory Burch sandals. They are simple, every day wedges that would definitely get their money's worth of wear this summer. 

4. Dreamer Camera Strap I have slowly started using my DSLR camera a lot more lately and will definitely be sporting it around this summer at all times. A little sparkle will help me know which one is mine, and add a little personality to an otherwise eyesore. 

5. Personalized Chevron Cooler Tote Now that Ri is eating more solids and a variety of them, I have found that the insulated lunch bags we have been toting around are no longer large enough to store all the bottle necessities as well as the food, and I plan on us being on the go quite a bit this summer so we definitely need a legit sized tote to use on a regular basis. And yes, I am OCD and prefer that it match the beach bag. 

6. Rifle Paper ombre iPhone case I don't need a new iPhone case as much as I actually just need a new iPhone, but this pink ombre cover is just too much. 

7. Carrie Beth commission I stumbled upon Carrie Beth Taylor recently. She is a local watercolor artist/illustrator that I contacted about some commission work. She is a true talent and her commissions seem amazingly reasonable. Looking ahead into our one day forever home, I want more personal, keepsake items around our house. One of those? A Carrie Beth commissioned piece of Ri baby and me. And Copper, of course. 

Happy Mother's Day Week to all you wonder women out there! You rock!!

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