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Hubs and I married in October of 2009 with a big, fat Italian wedding. I first started blogging when we moved into our first house together.

Copper walked in the front door Christmas 2010. Seriously, I love this fur baby as much as the next child.

We found out we had a bun in the oven on Valentine's Day of 2011. It was then that I really started blogging. I wanted to journal about pregnancy as I transformed into Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka. I mean, a guy friend of mine referred to my swollen feet as resembling "a busted can of biscuits."

My precious nugget, Rilynn, was born on October 2, 2012. My life has been turned upside down and I could not be happier. Pregnancy sucked SO BAD but she is worth every bitch and moan.

Blogging has evolved into a place to vent about the difficulties of motherhood, document the moments and pictures of the loves of my life, as well as share my love of holidays, fashion, design and music with whoever is up for listening.

Some tidbits:
1. I love to talk about recipes and imagine myself going to the store for ingredients and then cooking in a cute apron and enjoying it. It.won't.happen. Thank God for a husband who is Italian and loves to cook.
2. I work in education as a counselor for at-risk students. As much as I love it, my first passion lies in blogging, spending money, and taking pictures of my babies and the things I spend money on. If only it paid the bills.
3. If we got rid of television and only had an ipod for the rest of our lives, I would be content. Music has always been my release and counsel for everything. Is it weird that a day with the windows open, cleaning and blaring music might be one of my favorite days??
4. Rilynn's name has no significance other than the fact that I found it on the internet and liked that we had never heard it before. Boom.
5. A friend in college once told me she could see me living in a tree house as long as I had 2 showers a day and a closet full of shoes. I would say she was pretty accurate on that one. But as I get older, I think my taste has gotten a bit pricier than a tree house.
6. You really don't want to see me on a day when I haven't had my diet coke.
7. I am obsessed with pretty much all holidays. It gives me an opportunity to shop, decorate the house, host parties, dress up and eat a ton of food.
8. Pretty sure I was Pat Benatar in my past life.
9. Do you not agree that a single dude with a cat is weird?
10. Laughter is the best medicine. Period.

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