Tuesday, May 14, 2013

seven months

On the down slope to one! Wow. This has been a HUGE developmental month for us...

One of my besties had her precious little one on April 8th. It was that day that Rilynn finally sat up completely on her own for a handful of minutes. That same week, we had a couple of days of nap regressions no naps at all and then things seemed to go back to normal. She also started taking naps on her side and then by the weekend of April 12th, Ri put herself to sleep and slept every night on her back for a couple of weeks. I was blown away. My baby is growing up. 

We are still slowly introducing solids. Her little tummy gets stopped up quite easily and she is still just so much more interested in her bib, the bowl, the spoon. She was only taking 4oz for her morning bottle for a couple of weeks this month and is now taking 6oz but no more. I don't know what gives.
April 14th Rilynn sat up on all 4's and has been practicing her "take off" since then. I have a feeling she will figure it out any day now and I am having night terrors of childproofing the house. Scratch that. Seriously, this post goes to show how much things can change in a matter of weeks! I had been working on this post all month and continuously had to rewrite or take out bits and pieces that were no longer the case. Rilynn is now CRAWLING! As of May 1st, one day shy of 7 months. It's like she just woke up that morning and knew what to do. It is still at a snail's pace (fine by me!) but so so cute!

We have been working on our wave 'bye bye' and Rilynn has the imitation of chewing food down pat. We have been trying to get her to say Ma-Ma or Da-Da but she ain't havin' it. She now responds to her name and looks for Da-Da and Copper when I say their names as well. She will sit and roll her hands, which Tay Tay taught her to do in Patty Cake.

The 2nd week of April, after her 6-month check up, I took Ri to an ophthalmologist to make sure she didn't have Strabismus. I had just noticed that in many pictures, her left eye looked a little different than the other. I knew if something was off, it would be best to correct it now. I also knew going in that she definitely got my almond-shaped eyes that look almost closed when she smiles, so I knew it could be a false alarm. And luckily for us, I was right. No issue, just one eye is shaped a little differently than the other, and as she grows, it will fix itself. In the meantime though, ironically, the doc said she has an astigmatism in the right eye, and nothing wrong with the left- the one I thought had an issue. He said it might fix itself but to let her wear a patch over the strong eye for 1-2 hrs a day and come back in July to check again. So weird considering Chris and I both had perfect vision growing up. I am not going to lie, we haven't done the patch yet. My gut tells me that 6 months is a little too early to go to drastic measures for an astigmatism. I know I am no doctor but I have done some research on it. And when the doctor gives us the option of doing nothing until July, doing a patch until July, or doing glasses, I am assuming he isn't as concerned or "doing nothing" wouldn't have even been an option. July will be a better time for me to re-evaluate the issue. Anyone have any advice on this??

We are holding our own paci now. She even somehow finds it in her bed at night and puts herself back to sleep. Woo hoo for Mommy!

Ri loves her car rides!

Ri hates, hates, hates getting her clothes changed. She better get used to it. We play dress up around here.
But she is better about it now that she can sit up instead of lying on her back for the whole ordeal. She also hates me rubbing her down with lotion after her baths. She doesn't mind me doing her legs so much but she hates me putting lotion on her arms.

She loves her baths more than anything. I am ready for her to be able to sit up steadily by herself so we can get out of the baby tub where her splashes won't come so far out of the tub and onto the floor. If not, I am going to have to start wearing a bathing suit for bathtime. Think I am kidding? But it is so cute to watch her have such a blast. She doesn't mind splashing water all in her face either, so I am hoping the beach/pool this year will be nothing but giggles.

Precious drool baby

Piggies first pedi
Best of friends!

Meeting our new buddy, Lindley
I am enjoying my daughter so so much right now. She holds her arms out if she wants me to hold her, she giggles and plays and has such a personality. She is becoming more independent but yet I still get snuggles and lots of baby love. 

And I am so excited to only have a couple of weeks left of work before I can spend 2 whole months with her. It will be such a wonderful, wonderful summer, I will be spoiled rotten and going back to work will be a.w.f.u.l. 

Happy 7 month birthday, Cupcake! We LOVE You!!!

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