Wednesday, September 26, 2012

holy moly! we have PROGRESS...

So much in fact, that my amazeballs doctor is going to induce me... and we are talking Sunday! That is 4 days from now, people! Rilynn will be here Monday, October 1, 2012! I just Let me explain the situation a bit, as I am sure there are some "huhs?" out there...

I have only been 1/2 cm dilated at the past 2 appointments, but I was also 50% effaced. We did an ultrasound last week to see what little bit was measuring. She was weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz. -granted, this number could be off by a pound or 2 (she could really be 5 lbs 11 oz or 7 lbs 11 oz). Fact of the matter is, that was at my 37 1/2 week appointment and she is gaining about 1/2 lb a week. Today, I am two days shy of 39 weeks. We went in today and I was still only 1/2 cm dilated, until she stripped my membranes (basically, she physically stretched the cervix some more. I know, it felt as awkward as it sounds). I am now sitting at 1 cm dilated and 60-70% effaced. Dr. Ellis said that she feels pretty good about inducing me- she doesn't want me to wait it out too long and risk myself a c-section because of a heavy baby, small pelvis and big ole Holden head. She also said she doesn't feel inducing me will raise my c-section chances any more so than they already are. So! She allowed me to pick a date between October 1st and the 4th. And if you know me or have been following my blog then you know how ready I am to be done with pregnancy and meet this baby. So of course I chose the 1st!

Dr. Ellis said for us to come on in Sunday night at 8 PM and we will induce in the wee hours of Monday morning. Rilynn will hopefully be here around noon. Wow! As we sat there, I had to remind Chris that she was talking about THIS Sunday. His eyes got really big as he digested this bit of information.

I still just cannot believe it is finally here. And to know when she will be here and count that on one hand... it is finally starting to sink in. It is very emotional and I have had a lump in my throat a few times today thinking about it. It is so very exciting to know that we are about to meet our little girl, the one God planned for us to bring into this world. After a very long, impatient 9 months, she will be here within days. But it is also scary and bittersweet to be closing another chapter of our lives- one in which it has been just the two of us. Two Christmas's ago, it was just Chris and I. Last year, we added a puppy, and this year we will make 4!

Copper. I worry about Copper transitioning into this new phase. Yes, I am talking about our dog. But I have put so much of my heart into that furry preciousness and I love him so very much- I have always assumed I loved him as much as I would my own child! I pray I don't neglect him after Sunday. I pray he knows I still love him just the same, but have to share my time with the baby. And I pray he loves her and does well with her, too.

I could ramble write on and on about my feelings, but OMG the time has come and even with all the emotions, thoughts and worries I have, I am mostly overwhelmed with just pure excitement. Even though I am scared as hell for L&D, Rilynn has to come out some way and women have been doing this forever. It is quite funny though how this has played out. As OCD and Type A as I am, it has driven me bonkers not knowing when she would be here and having to be so unplanned with it all. And here we are, set up with a specific time and date, just as I love. There will be no bedhead here, folks! No rushing to the hospital. Maybe she takes after me already. :)

No more bi-monthly preggo updates. Besides a post on the finished nursery, the next one you get will have pictures galore of our precious little nugget in all of her newborn glory!

Wish us luck. I will keep you posted on all of my trials and tribulations as we head into the wild blue yonder, the world unknown to us, parenthood.



  1. Going in at 8 is the way to go!! Congrats!! Im so happy for you =)

    1. Thank you, Natalie! I sure do hope going in at 8 is the way to go- I am a bit scared that I made the wrong decision by allowing myself to plan any of this instead of let her come on her own... :/

  2. Yay!! Dr. Shannon Ellis is my doc and we had a wonderful experience with her and St. Vincent's!!! You will do great and it really is worth every.single. Sacrifice!!! Have fun and enjoy every part!! Prayers your way!!!