Monday, August 20, 2012

nursery knockouts

The prints have finally come in for above Rilynn's nursery. My hopes had been that they would start helping tie the room together. I chose 3 18x20 frames from Hobby Lobby and got them at 50% off. I then chose mattes to go inside. I probably would have chosen another color but I am going to be honest, I was in a hurry, shopping forever has not been on my agenda throughout this pregnancy, and I am quite impatient about getting this room finished. Hobby Lobby only had these silver metallic mattes in duplicates so I grabbed them. I knew that they would work though since they were about identical to the wall color, but set off by the metallic finish. The prints came in and they were a bit wrinkled. Hubs did me a huge favor and ironed them out for me. I chose these prints off of Etsy in an 11x14 size. I liked that each letter had a different whimsical illustration, all in vibrant colors that would add some color to the walls to tie in the bedding and curtains. I think they turned out perfect and precious.

I also had a meltdown over the dresser we did have in the nursery. Hubs was right- it was just too wide for the space. I knew this, but honestly didn't want to be the first to point it out because it would be a nonchalant way of basically saying, "So hubs, we get to go spend more money." :)
Since HE said something first, I went out on a search. I looked high and low for a piece that was not too short, not too tall, not too wide, not too deep- but just right. Well, in 2 days, we FOUND it! Thanks to a high end local antique store, we scored a beautiful driftwood piece from market, a little over the price range I initially wanted, but I learned that finding the perfect piece at the perfect price was probably a little too good to be true. ;)

So! With the new and much smaller piece, I moved the old dresser back into the guest room so I can still use the storage, and it allowed me to rearrange the whole nursery and free up some space for the glider. The changing table is now on the wall next to the window, the crib is now where the old dresser used to be, and the glider will go in the corner where the crib used to be.

And speaking of glider- I actually ordered one last week! I had chosen a $700 option online, and was about to order it from Ebay after I saw that it was out of stock in every store in which it is carried. I decided to stop by a local store that I love and see if they had any possible alternatives. I was about to leave when I grazed my hand on a cute chair that low and behold- rocked back when I touched it. OMG, a glider that looks super modern and cute, I thought. Ok, don't get excited, that means it is super expensive. Looked at price tag... Holy Moly the thing was only $469! The fabric was a print that did not go with our room, so I grabbed a sales associate who took me over to the fabrics and told me I could custom order the glider in what I wanted. I then chose my fabric and found out I actually chose one grade down in fabric and bought the sucker for a whopping $429. I was so so excited. It also helped me feel better about my new dresser/changing table price and helped even it all out. Woo hoo! Here is the glider I have ordered and will oh-so-impatiently be waiting to arrive in the next 6-8 weeks.

Best Ayla Glider- I chose an Ivory fabric with grey chording
I will update with "After" photos once I actually have one... :)

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