Saturday, March 30, 2013

sb2013- holla

Yea. Gone are the days of basking in the sun by day and partying it up by night. I did catch a few days at the beach with some lady friends to celebrate the ole Irish redneck style (Florabama Bab-aaaay!) and to enjoy a country concert, even though I don't know much country music. Who? Luke Brown?
I am so thankful for a job that gives me a week off of work for Spring Break. I am double thankful that my Spring Break now involves full days of baby kisses, shopping and lunch dates instead of string bikinis, baked skin and the tiki bar (ok, those still sound kinda fun, but no longer worth it).
Here are some pics from my Adult Spring Break.

Florabama bathroom words of wisdom
St. Patty's Day attire

Ri Baby and I enjoyed lots of morning snuggle time all week long. She never has really just laid there to snuggle this much so she must know to take advantage of me being home for the week.

We had lunch with friends this week. We also got out and did a little bit of shopping.

I snatched these two tops from F21 while we browsed around. Very pleased having not tried them on beforehand.

One night we took dinner to some lovely friends who just had their precious 2nd baby boy. It was great to catch up and Ri thought their oldest son, Jake, was a hoot. She is such a flirt and I am in so much trouble.

The weather over spring break sucked so we didn't even manage to be able to get out in the neighborhood in the stroller. But all the more reason to take Ri up on snugglefests.

Oddly enough, it was the fastest and best Spring Break of my life. Oh, how times have changed for that to have just come out of my mouth.


  1. Haha, my new mama friends and I always laugh about how all of our holidays are SO different than they used to be! I'd take a bath and an early night over staying up late and drinking any day! Hangovers are so not worth it anymore. ;)

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