Tuesday, March 26, 2013

being PRESENT. an emotional read...

In today's technologically driven world, everything is done via internet. Phone books, road maps, letters, bills, catalogs, pictures, notes, journals- you name it; if it was every on paper, now it is not. But it seems like the technology has sucked us all in and sucked our personal, social selves out.

I feel that it is especially true with our children.

When Ri was a newby and I rocked her to sleep each night- or in the middle of the night- I found myself using much of that time to catch up, err, play on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or and my email. Granted, it kept me from falling asleep, but she would snooze away, making the most precious little smiles in her sleep, and I would sometimes miss all but the end of them because I was looking at my phone.

There finally came a night when I realized that I was there, but not present. I was not taking in the invaluable moments that would too soon be gone. I wasn't loving her to my fullest capacity. No, let me restate that. I couldn't love her more, but I wasn't physically and mentally soaking it all in. So I stopped taking my phone in her room just so I could spend my every thought on her. Squeezing her tight. Saying I love you. Staring at her precious little face.

As she gets older, there are times I catch myself spending much of her waking hours trying to get the perfect picture for Instagram or texting while she is in her exersaucer. That is not being present. That is just being in the room.

It is important for us to use our time wisely. Cherish the moments with our kids by being actively present in what they are doing, saying, learning. Make them the priority. Not the smart phone.

I stumbled upon this article on another blog the other day. It is heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, true.

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