Friday, April 5, 2013

easter 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Ours was exhausting, busy and wonderful.

I finished my gold-leaf Easter eggs (you can find the tutorial here), and they turned out fabulous. Seriously, you can't mess these up. I will definitely do them again one year.

Gold-leaf Easter eggs

I bought some el cheapo plastic Easter eggs at Target last week and we have been having LOTS of Easter-inspired play over the weekend. Baby Ri has thoroughly enjoyed throwing them around, seeing the array of colors and listening to them clink and clank around in a basket. We filled some with different materials to make a range of rattle noises (think pasta, rice, etc.), and we are now playing with them in the bathtub for a bit. In the future, I plan to use them to make a busy bag for alphabet matching. For more ideas on using all of those eggies, check out this post.

Easter Sunday I got up bright and early to make sure we were all dressed and in our Sunday best for church. Catholic mass on Easter Sunday somewhat resembles a stampede of animals trying to get to one watering hole. With a 5 month old in tow, I was determined to be ahead of the herd and in my seat well in advance. My anxiety over such things don't play. Therefore, Ri was the only one to get breakfast and the Easter baskets had to wait until lunch.

Ri was great at church until time for communion so we hung out in the foyer.
 Ri's custom Easter dress turned out adorbs. Seriously, I didn't want her to ever take it off. The bonnet was my favorite part. Hubs said she looked like a pilgrim. I told him I was taking that as a compliment. Unfortunately, the weather was not as favorable as one would hope for Easter. It was thundering when we were in church and then it rained until late afternoon. So even though the sun came out a bit later, the grass was too wet to get pics of Ri in her attire.

Some of my family came to our house for Easter lunch. Ri decided to take her only nap of the day at that point, so we got a quick glimpse of our Easter basket and she was ready to peace out. 
My Easter pilgrim checking out her digs. Easter goodies

with my mom and siser
We then hung out and everyone watched Hangover II on tv (I know, we all joked about what a wholesome family movie it is to watch together on Easter). I snapped pictures of Copper playing with his new toy, a.k.a one-of-Ri's-he-decided-to-steal-out-of-her-basket-while-she-was-sleeping. 

We then all loaded up and went to the in-laws for the big Catholic Easter gathering. It was loud, bustling, and full of food. Ri racked up yet again with more Easter goodies and decided there was too much going on to nap again for the day. 

I will be back tomorrow- Ri Baby's half-birthday is here! Tear. 


  1. Umm, please spill your secret on getting your bod back post baby. You look so fabulous! And I LOVE little Ri's dress and bonnet. PRESH!

  2. Ha! You are TOO sweet, but I promise you there is NO "bod back" over here! Even though all of that water did finally go away, I am left with a very "soft" version of myself. :) I have not been to the gym yet because I despise it (I like to convince myself that carry and lifting a baby/carseat is all the arm workout I need), but I definitely need to! The hubs goes to Crossfit daily and I just roll my eyes. The beach is going to be a scary place this summer!!!!!