Tuesday, March 19, 2013

little bunny foo foo

Easter is around the corner. It was one of my favorite times growing up. I loved wearing my Sunday best to church, feeling the warmth of the Spring sun in the afternoon as we gathered with family for good food and to hunt eggs until our legs fell off. I never got super into the Easter bunny- he wasn't quite as believable as Santa (I mean, come on. A human-sized Bunny that walks on 2 legs?)- but I did look forward to the seasonal Cadbury eggs in my basket.

These are the fabrics chosen for Ri's custom Easter dress. I normally wouldn't spend a lot on an outfit for such a small child, but being that it is her first Easter, I couldn't resist. The dress and bonnet have arrived and it was worth every penny. Don't worry- I will post LOTS of pics after Easter weekend.

I want Ri to have a basket that she will cherish and have forever. I am not really into the "catchy" modern-day baskets-although there are some cute ones out there. I just love the traditional wooden basket. So, I have decided to go with the always-safe bet of the Pottery Barn Sabrina in Chestnut. That way I can always update the liners as she gets older and I grow sick of them.

Chestnut Easter Basket, Large

In addition to the traditional Easter basket, I couldn't help but think these items would also be oh so cute for the Easter babes in our lives.

Now to go finish our gold leaf Easter eggs, following this tutorial from She Knows. Will ours be as pretty? Probably not, but we are giving it a shot! :)

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