Monday, March 4, 2013

five months

Ri Baby has been showing teething signs for a while now. Fussier some days than others, constantly gnawing on her hand (if she can't get ahold of anything else) and we are swimming in drool over here. I am ready for these suckers to start appearing if we are going to be enduring these signs for the next several months. She also started spitting up quite a bit in the last few days as well and I have been told it could be a sign of teething.

Ri has been talking up a storm lately and has really been practicing her raspberries a.k.a. spitting everywhere. I even hear her doing it in her crib in the mornings. Nice, right?

She is intrigued by everything. Finding Nemo and Small Potatoes have really got her going on the television. I understand the vibrant colors of Finding Nemo but I am not sure what it is about Small Potatoes that she loves so much. Maybe the fact that they are potatoes dressed in clothing? Or their baby voices with British accents? I don't know, but I am not going to lie, I think they are adorbs and love when they come on.

Ri has a thing for dogs- not just Copper anymore. I am fine with this. I love my animals and did not want a child who is scared of dogs. Hope her love for my 4 legged fur babies continues to grow. She is now reaching out to pet Copper and thinks it is funny when he then licks her to death. I am serious when I say that I don't think he would EVER quit licking her face if I wasn't there to scold him.

We have starting introducing solids this month. Dr. C told us to go ahead and start getting her used to the spoon since we were downing 32 oz a day. She really got the hang of being spoon-fed pretty quickly, but she still loves her bottle. Now, she is just trying to hold it by herself and it makes me very sad.

Much more interested in our bib than the food
I also forgot to mention that Ri is no longer in daycare. After January, Hell month, with us all being sick and tired of being sick and tired, we lucked up on finding someone willing to keep Rilynn until the end of the school year when I will be off from work. We are in heaven. Ri has one on one care and attention all day every day. There is one other little girl there too, who is 4, but she is such a sweet heart and loves that Ri is her new audience. I think Ri loves the entertainment too. Ri came home on the first week with a new affection for Itsy Bitsy Spider. I loved that. There was no way at this age, she would have come home from daycare liking Itsy Bitsy Spider. Tay Tay is our sitter and she loves her "Cupcake".

We have attended 3 first birthday parties this month and Rilynn has wanted two things at each of them: a nap and a balloon. So, as crazy as it may sound, it is almost time to start thinking about her 1st birthday party and as it is right now, balloons may be our theme... more on that in the coming months as her interests become more apparent and her birthday looms nearer (the thought that we are halfway there is just mind-blowing).

Reeeeally excited about Harper opening her gifts!

I think she decided to hit almost hit some milestones just in time for this post. Literally in the last few days. She is leaning in and stretching her arms out more when you go to get her out of someone else's arms, we are trying our best to roll from back to stomach, we found our feet, and I swear she tried to wave bye when I waved at her at the sitter's the other morning. It may have only resembled a wave to us (to others it may have looked like she slightly raised her arm and just spread her fingers out by coincidence) but I am going with it. ;) She also fell asleep on her back the other night for the first time ever since she was teeny tiny and swaddled. I was so excited but knew it might not last long. Sure enough, her eyes popped open 60 mins later.

We have a contagious laugh and think that Daddy hangs the moon. It drives me nuts. I love that she loves her daddy but come on, she is alive thanks to me, after all!! 

She apparently also thinks Daddy and Bruce Willis hold a resemblance to one another. She gets super excited every time he appears on the television screen. I don't know if it is the facial structure, the head or the fact that he has the phone glued to his ear. :)

I cannot believe my next monthly development post will be 6 months. Her half-birthday. It is frightening how quickly the time flies. I look back at newborn pictures when she was teeny tiny and I almost don't recognize her. I love the spunky personality she is developing and I love that she is growing up so happily, but it is just so sad to know those newborn days are gone forever. Even when we have another baby, the newborn days with my first born, with her, are irreplaceable and already such a distant memory...

Ok- to end this post on a lighter note, here are some video clips from this past month!

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