Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scenes from my weekend

I got my hair chopped off and colored last Thursday. It was a very welcomed thing and has cut (no pun intended) my getting ready time in half as well as my worry about what my hair will look like. I mean, did anyone else not get the memo about how much hair you will lose after giving birth!?
My hair just works this way and as much as I always want to try something different, I shouldn't. Don't fix what isn't broken.
I went to a friend that I grew up with and it was wonderful to catch up, even if the hubs called not once but TWICE to see what time I would be done. And did I mention that after I got rushed home, I find that baby is asleep and HAS BEEN the whole time? I think it is time for a girls weekend so Daddy can work on his babysitting anxiety...

Hubby had told me he wanted to take his two Valentines' out to dinner on Valentine's. Every night that we were supposed to go, neither of us felt like getting ready after work, scheduling dinner in sync with Ri's naptime, rushing home for bedtime, etc.
Last Friday night was the night we swore we would go. We didn't. And I was in bed by 10:00.
But we finally finished off this ombre cake I ordered for Valentine's...

Rilynn has attend three 1st birthday parties in the last few weekends. I know, she is a social little butterfly.
Whatever happened to all those Stock the Bar invitations we used to have on our fridge?

Avery Elizabeth

Harper Elizabeth

We went to this precious party on Saturday. It was a candy & chevron-themed birthday party. We took home a nice hefty bag of sweets from the candy bar.

Harper Annette

blurry pic of the goody bags- I had a baby on my hip 

Saturday night we attended an engagement party and then hopped on over to a local pub to hear some live music and catch up with friends. I desperately needed this. It was seriously my first time "out" since before the baby arrived in October.

Basking in the Sunday sun.
Sunday I helped host a baby shower for one of my sweet, cute preggo friends. She is seriously adorbs with her big ole belly and hasn't gained an ounce anywhere else.

Jennifer Lawrence. Oscars. Fell in her dress. 
If you know me, you know that back in the day I had a tendency to fall. Alot. And I got pretty good at not caring too much when it happened. Jennifer did a fabulous job of not making that fall so awkward. She almost seemed like she couldn't care less. Can we be best friends?!


I am telling you what. Target's $1.00 bins are usually a hit or miss but lately they have been a HUGE hit in my book. I mean, how stinkin cute are these??

Oh, and I forgot to mention- hubby got me tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in Atlanta this June as a Valentine's gift. Fleetwood Mac is going on tour one last time and doing the Rumours from back in the day. FM has always been one of my favs, and very nostalgic of my childhood. I am doing a permanent happy dance until June 10th.

Smiley face


  1. Love the hair! Hope to see you at wine club!! It would be a good opportunity for the hubs to practice "babysitting" again. :)

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