Tuesday, February 5, 2013

four months

Ri is 4 months old now! Actually, week wise she is a bit past 4 months, but you know the deal. We had our 4 month wellness check up today along with more vaccinations. Ri weighed in at 12 lbs 3 oz & 23 inches long.

At the beginning of this January, we were having a major television issue- she was obsessed with it. I'm talking, have-to-take-her-into-her-room-to-feed-with-no-distractions obsessed! It was ridiculous how much she loved it.

Watching a youtube with Daddy

BWW is a television-obsessed baby's fantasy. 

Even when her tummy hurt, give this girl the tv!

Pretty pumped up about Modern Family. 

She also found Copper. She had looked at him before, but now, she loves for him to sit behind us on the couch cushion so she can laugh and talk at him while I burp her. It is seriously the cutest thing and melts my heart. They are both the loves of my life and will one day be best friends! I see many tea parties in Copper's future. :)

Ri is also obsessed with her Aden + Anais Bamboo Issie security blanket that I snatched up one day at Swaddle. I had no idea how much she would love it. Her teachers at "school" told me she loves to just lay there and throw it over her face. I find comfort in knowing it is breathable material so she can do that. I don't let her sleep with it yet, though. I also grabbed two more the other day although they are just the original A+A muslin security blankets, but she loves them just the same. Aunt Jess is thrilled to know that her niece is obsessed with her blankie just like she was (here is to hoping it isn't quite as bad. I think my sis gave it up in middle school).

Rilynn has now been in daycare for a whole month, although Li Li decided to devote her Mondays off to watching Rilynn so Ri is lucky to only have to go 4 days a week. Actually, we are all lucky. So she gets 3 days a week with family, and then 4 days with other people and babies. I am thinking it will be a good way to help her adjust to other people as she gets older, especially during the attachment phase of her development. I noticed immediately that she would play and do things at daycare that she wouldn't do at home. Her teacher had told me that would happen but I was skeptical. From day one, she was right and I was dumbfounded.

Rilynn is a wiggle worm like her daddy. She is constantly busy. Unless she is super tired, she wants you to walk around with her or at least sit with her facing out so she can look around. Don't think for a minute you can cradle her like most babies. She likes to "fly" through the house and will stiffen her legs out. Baby's lift in Dirty Dancing has nothin' on Rilynn's.


She has also been having a new crib issue. I put her down every night at the very end of her crib. By MOTN she has managed to inch her way to the total opposite end (in which she is wearing a sleep sack), with her head up against the corner rails (since the bumpers are gone), or is turned in the opposite direction. She is a tummy sleeper so I guess that would be how she "scoots" her way there and I am hoping that by the time she is rolling over and sitting up, this trend will stop. She then proceeds to cry for help, I go and pull her back to the middle and she is back to sleep.

Rilynn got RSV 7 days into daycare and it was pitiful. Sneezing, congestion, coughing in her sleep... I just wanted to stay home and hold her until she felt better. Luckily, she was mostly happy throughout the whole ordeal. She then got a stomach bug 3 days back into daycare, and then Hubs and I spent the weekend dying with it as well. January was a very rough month for our health!

A surprise gift that came in the mail. Perfect pick me up while I was sick. 

She rolled over on purpose for the first time on January 13. Noni and I were actually standing by her crib to witness it. Of course all of our excited squeals then startled her into a wimper. And we have only seen the roll a couple of times since...

Ri loves her hands in her mouth if she doesn't have her paci or blanket. And I don't think it has anything to do with teething.

Have I mentioned that we more than likely have a left-hander? She grasps everything with her left hand. Neither Chris nor I are left-handed but LiLi and Uncle Matty are. So that is pretty interesting. It will be awhile before we can really tell, but I have definitely noticed it.

Week 16 she started a grunting noise that took precedence to her precious coos and baby babble. I am hoping the grunt is just a "thing" and quickly goes away. She uses it when she doesn't want to do something. She has also started arching her back with the grunt if she doesn't want to lie on her back or be in her carseat. Att-i-tude.

We also heard our first burst of laughter in Week 15. It is the best little squeal on the planet. I.die.

This is quite bittersweet. I cannot believe how much she has already changed. 
I tried to give her some rice cereal when she had really bad diarrhea from her stomach bug. She did NOT like it. So, I tried oatmeal. Same reaction. I then gave her some Plum Organic bananas and she seemed to like them, but still isn't quite ready for spoon action. So we will probably wait a bit longer and reintroduce her.

Here is a video of me trying to get Ri's laugh on tape. You can hardly hear it because my squeal of delight almost took over.

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