Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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At our 4 month wellness check, Doc gave us the green light on introducing solids. I was going to try and wait it out a couple more months but Ri was up to 4 8 oz bottles a day so he said it is time.
I don't know about other moms out there, but starting solids was something I was eagerly looking forward to, but quite panicked about when it was all said and done. Between guidelines of what to start and when, how often and how much, I was really freaked that I might either starve my child or turn her into a beached whale.
No fears, my friends. I have turned to my "village" as well as some trusty websites and found great advice and resources to ease my anxiety. I think we are ready...

 Earth's Best Infant Feeding Schedule

Ri never liked rice cereal or oatmeal when I first introduced it to her. So this past week I jumped right into sweet potatoes. She LOVES them. My mom says I loved them too.

I have not changed her intake of milk at all. Instead, I have just offered some of the puree after her bottle at dinner time. For instance, a 2.5 oz jar of food will be divided and given to her at two different meals on two separate days. So, she will get her regular 32 oz. of milk a day + 1.75 oz of solid (unless she acts as if she wants more).

I plan to up her to a full 2.5oz jar a day as soon as she acts like she wants it. Right now we are just getting a taste for new things. Here are the foods we will be trying (introducing a new food every 3 days) between now and mid-March:

Sweet Potatoes
Oatmeal- this will be a re-introduction since she hated them the first time.

Brands we love:
-Plum Organics: easy pouches for on-the-go, but I am having a hard time finding first vegetables in local inventories, and they are not available at many stores.
-Ella's Kitchen: Can easily be found at Winn-Dixie or Target, and are also in the easy to use pouches. 100 % organic, gluten, wheat, dairy & lactose free.

Ellas 1

-Earth's Best. Can easily be found at Target, Publix or Whole Foods although Babies R Us has the best selection. USDA organic, vegan, gluten free, additive free and kosher certified. Bonus: can be bought in bulk and are super affordable. Downfall: jars, although that can easily be managed with help from the Boon Squirt Dispensing Spoon.

1st Peas Image1st Carrots Image1st Squash Image

I plan to try and make our own foods this summer when I am home from work and cannot wait for Ri to be old enough to use the Sili Squeeze. I have friends that rave about it.

Sili Squeeze™

So wish us luck on this new journey of big messes and even bigger diaper bombs. 


  1. Hey! It's Heather. I finally added your blog to my blog! I read it already and have just been to lazy to link it up. I love seeing all the pictures of your pretty girl, hope you guys are doing great!

    1. Hi friend! Thanks for adding me! ;) If you have one as well, I am not able to link up to it for some reason. ?? I hope you are enjoying that sweet new baby girl and soaking up your time at home! Mommy date soon!