Wednesday, January 16, 2013

birthday wishlist

Sooooo, my birthday is coming up this weekend. And it is snowing. In Alabama. This is huge news here. It is not even sticking to the roads but kids are staring out the windows in amazement. I love it even more because if there is ever a chance of snow in Alabama, it is always around my birthday, and here we are.

Anyways, I drew a major blank when it came time to coughing up my wishlist for Santa this year and ended up with a dishwasher. A nice dishwasher, but still, a dishwasher. Therefore, I am making my birthday list and checking it twice.

I have a DSLR that I really need to take some lessons on, but in the meantime, I wouldn't mind a new snazzy camera strap to maybe up my need for shutter speed. Yup, just made that one up myself. Slap on the leg. Here are three straps I found on Etsy that I am digging. 1. 2. 7.

West Elm has some new rugs and I lust over this one- it would be so adorbs in Rilynn's room.

I am also liking these baskets from World Market to keep all of Rilynn's accumulating toys in. There's nothing like a house full of toys to clash with some decor.

I have been coveting a fiddle leaf fig tree for a few years now. I never had a green thumb before, but now, with a baby? We fake it to make it. And I want it, like now!

This Opal stackable bracelet from Etsy is so pretty. Not only would it look great with my other stackables, but it is my sweet baby's birthstone. (insert awwww cue).

Hmm... most of my gifts for myself somehow relate back to my child. I had always heard that when you become a mother life is not about you anymore, but man, my own birthday list?

This past weekend, I tore it up at market, although I didn't really get to do much damage at all due to the fact that Baby Ri was home sick with hubs and I couldn't keep myself away from her more than a day. So, it was a quick day trip to Atlanta and back.

The positive of this quick trip is the fact that I swore to myself I would not come back without new dinnerware and am proud to say that I kept that promise! I cannot wait for these Skyros Designs pieces to arrive. I chose two patterns, going with slate & eggshell white (although the photo doesn't capture the colors well) so I can use them with my fine china as well. And maybe in our next home, I can display these beauts through some glass cabinetry.

Although I may not actually be snowed in, internet shopping while pretending to be snowed in sounds like a great birthday to me.

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