Sunday, January 13, 2013

Artkive + Mark Boutavant

I have always loved art- drawing, painting, sketching, the works- ever since I was a little kid. Had Mom kept all of my artwork over the years, she would undoubtedly been dubbed a hoarder. I for one, cannot wait to get a paintbrush in Ri's little hand and hope she loves it as much as I did. And in today's times, we of course have some new and improved ways of keeping up with all of those precious pictures and paintings. Have you heard of Artkive? Yup, an app where you can take, tag and save images of your kids' artwork. You can even turn those images into keepsakes. Love it.



Heard of him? You have to check out his uber precious children's illustration books. I am starting my collection now, knowing that baby will adore the display of color- it is a fascinating amount of stuff for her to take in- she will adore them. 

Hip! Hip! Hooray! Stand-Up Notecards

Le Tour Du Monde De Mouk (French Edition)

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