Tuesday, January 22, 2013

babies don't keep.

Ri Baby was super sick the last two weeks. Poor thing caught what I thought was her first cold. It had been a pitiful 7 days and I was so hopeful that we were on the rebound. No, scratch that. I had to take her to daycare last Thursday. She seemed to be turning a corner. Until they called me 3 hours into the day, scared to death because she had a coughing fit where she couldn't catch her breath. FML. There is nothing worse than 1. having to put your child in daycare while you work, 2. having to go back to work when your child is not 100% healthy, 3. having the daycare call. It is the worst bout of Mommy Guilt. Ever. 

Thank God for our pediatrician. He is the shizz. Really. And saw Ri right away, only to then inform us that she had Bronchiolitis from RSV, of which the daycare had warned me about- some kid in Ri's room had had it. The good news was that she was in great spirits and never have a fever, and her appetite had not been too bad considering. So, we have an inhaler now and have to do breathing treatments every 4 hours. I just pray that the asthma is induced by the RSV and she will not develop asthma as she gets older (30% of children who get RSV will have asthma later in life).

The sneezing, the coughing, the runny nose, congestion, irritability, restlessness... it can definitely take it's toll on mommy and baby. I felt so helpless when I had done all I knew to do to relieve her and I hate to see her not feel good. She just wanted to be held, which I loved, but the weather had also been so gloomy, dreary and wet. 

Everyone's mood was down and the laundry was piled up. As I rushed out the door today in a hurry to work, fretting about all the things to do that didn't get done this past weekend, this sweet sweet saying popped into my head. Never has anything been more the truth and I am so thankful to have had the holiday weekend, and my birthday, to be able to rock that sweet, sick baby back to health. These are the days to cherish. 

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