Thursday, April 5, 2012

THE jenny lind

In the process of gearing up for nursery decorating at our house, one of the top priorities for me was picking out the crib. I knew that once I had chosen a crib I loved, I would be able to plan out fabrics and colors based on the structure and vibe I picked up from that one main piece of furniture.

I ultimately went with the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib for numerous reasons. First off, it is precious. Timeless, simple, goes with everything. Secondly, it is nice and sturdy and is still a crowd-pleaser after all these years (my best friend is actually named after this crib). Last but not least, it is cheap. I'm talking $200 cheap. I knew with a price tag like that, I could paint it, repaint it, use it for a while and then upgrade when the baby grows. I knew I wouldn't be stuck with it forever just because we would still be paying for it.

I am so excited for it to get here. I am thinking that maybe this pregnancy will really start sinking in once this bad boy arrives and the nursery starts transforming. Until then, here are some lovely nurseries using this wonderful wonderful crib in all sorts of stylish and chic ways...

love love love this room.
This is one of my all time favorite nurseries.
I just love the modern flair with the use of vintage pastels. Just precious.

colors or lack of
This too, is a favorite of mine.
It is very transitional and gender neutral, which is sometimes hard to do and still get a great effect.
via Decor Pad

gold crib...
This is what Baby C's crib will look like after we have it professionally painted at a body shop.

gold jenny lind crib! Urban Grace Interiors 
Another take on the gilded version of the Jenny Lind.

love the robin's egg blue for a girl's room - love the yellow crib even more.  I'm pretty sure this is the Jenny Lind crib from Babies R Us just painted! #babiesrus
via Decor Pad

Jenny Lind crib
via Anne Sage

I love this repainted Jenny Lind crib

I love this red Jenny Lind crib
via Baby Box

Great Jenny Lind crib used in this adorable, albeit tight, bedroom for 3

black jenny lind crib. cane regency chair.
How adorable is this carnival inspired nursery?? I am also eyeing that awesome chair in the corner. 

Jenny Lind with pink and orange
via Decor Pad

Who else is just in lust over this crib? I cannot wait to get it home and share it with you!

Have a great day!

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