Sunday, January 29, 2012

something in the water...

Well, the time has come for us to hang up our "wedding" hats and put on the new "parenting" hats. Err, well let me clarify: that statement would NOT be including hubs and I, but pretty much half of our friends. :)
There was obviously something in the water last year because we have babies poppin' up everywhere around here! I actually have 9, yes, nine, girlfriends who are all currently sporting baby bumps- half of these bumps are girls to be named Harper, the obvious name of 2011, and 2 are girls to be named Avery. There are only two boys in this mix.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the baby showers I have attended thus far, two of which were my first couples' baby showers. Such a great idea. Everything is laid back and it's nice to see the daddy-to be involved in the gifts and excitement of having a shower for the unborn child- after all, the mommy isn't going to be the only parent here! In the past, it was tradition to have a female baby shower on a Sunday afternoon, similar to that of a bridal tea- I get it. But it was also a traditional role that the moms stay home and raise the children while dad works and takes up a smaller portion of their children's days. Not anymore, people! Half of these mommies are going right back to work (Amen to you, sisters. I don't know how you do it!), with the daddy's helping out with pretty much all of the child rearing they can. So it was very fitting to have a Saturday night shower with males and females, laughter, excitement and just enjoying the new chapter of our friends' lives. At one of the couples' showers, they had every male and female write down parenting advice on a large index card that they then put into a flip album as a keepsake for the soon-to-be parents. It was hilarious- especially since there were only about 2 individuals out of the 50 there that actually have kids yet, and the difference in advice written by males vs. females was hysterical.
I am so happy for all of my lovely friends who are all just glowing, precious preggs! I am also very excited for us to all grow old together as parents and I cannot wait to see these little bundles of joy!

Here are a few pics from the two couples' showers I attended for the arrivals of Avery James & Avery Elizabeth...

Avery Elizabeth's Shower

Avery James's Shower

The travel diaper case cover I made (with the monogram being done by an amazing friend). 

Here is a close up of Harper Elizabeth's diaper cake (Harper is due in about a week!), and Avery James' diaper cake. I made both of these cute cakes with the help of my friend, Cal. If anyone needs a diaper cake, let me know! After these two, I'd say I have become a pro at it.

Harper Elizabeth

Avery James

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