Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas at the Campisi's

So I totally skipped my Thanksgiving post this year... I am all holiday-ed out to be honest and Christmas stress and decor completely trumped that of Thanksgiving, but I did put much effort into cooking my first from scratch dishes, and setting a nice table for the fam at my house. It was the first time for me to ever use my fine china, after it has sat patiently for two years in my sideboard. So here are some pictures from both wonderful holidays that I am very grateful to have had in my life to thank the Lord for all I have been given- health, love, happiness, and family.

This year for Christmas, I wanted a very woodland feel to my decor and greenery. What other way than to have Mr. Hubs cut down a gazillion cedar trees from the woods behind the house? I stuck cedar everywhere... it was quite addicting. Hubs finally said enough was enough before he found cedar on his toothbrush. psshhh, whatev. I also made my very own cedar garland by hand to go over our entry way on the front of the house. It took a couple of hours but turned out gorge. I was quite proud of myself to wing such a project with no rhyme or reason and it turn out even better than expected. Patting myself on the back as we speak... ;)

This is a picture Christmas morning after Santa stuffed Bubba's stocking with a new "bear" to replace the one he has loved on since Christmas of last year... 
This one capture more detail of my tree- before final decor was added. I loved my burlap ribbon this year. I got it from Hobby Lobby this summer, knowing someone would find it and I would never see it again. That happened. And it turning up in Pottery Barn's holiday catalogs didn't help. But here it is! Along with my new fav tree topper- a moss angel from a local boutique, Wrapsody.

My dining room table arrangement. My moss reindeer was purchased a few years back from Smith's Variety. The magnolia leaves were cut from the trees at the front of my neighborhood by myself and my mother in law- at night, so we wouldn't get in trouble. :)
Our mailbox! I had this swag made 2 years ago when we moved in- but I changed the colors of the ornaments on it this year, and added the real deal cedar to the skank, faux greenery. 
Here is a picture of the pile of cedar hubs brought home, as well as my "workstation" for making my garland. Notice the heater- that garage floor was super cold!
Here it is all finished! Hubs added some lights to my garland so it stayed on 24/7 during the holidays. He also surprised me with these lanterns shipped home from one of his business trips up in Pennsylvania. 

Copper is just so photogenic...

Wreath and table arrangement made out of what else? Cedar and magnolia. The wine bottles are tea light votives Paw Paw made for me. 
Another arrangement, and the cedar posts Hubs put up on our back porch one day while I was at work- these beauts replaced the fugly, cheap ones the builder threw up on the house. The cedar posts totally transformed the patio. Bravo, Mr. hubs!
Close up of the wreaths on our windows- these are 2 artificial wreaths, with cedar added. Yes, I had to find a place to store all 15 wreaths for the year...
Last but not least, the final exterior product! 
I cannot wait until another Christmas holiday rolls around... there is no telling what other ideas I come up with for next year between now and then!

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