Monday, February 13, 2012

stoked for the slopes

Beyond excited. Giddy. That's what I am. Chris and I were recently talking with a travel agent about tropical vacations for my spring break when I will be off for a week. Unfortunately, that is peak season and prices are doubled. I wasn't planning on paying double for something we could do this summer for half. So, we had just ultimately decided to hold off on any Spring Break vacations. A few days later, we are told there were two more spots open on a group trip to Breckenridge to go skiing at the end of February. They have rented a house right on the mountain- a ski in/ski out where we can actually sit in the hot tub on the porch and watch people ski right under neath us. And the whole sha-bang will be cheaper than what we were looking at spending for Spring Break---errr.... scratch that. Skiing is quite expensive, but we are excited we went through with the plans... We have never been skiing and had always said it would be a blast as a large group. Plus, with everyone starting to have babies, this could be our last chance for awhile. So DUH. Breckenridge in t-minus 5 days. I haven't been this excited for a trip in quite some time. As soon as we were told about the trip, plane tickets were booked and we began our research on the Breckenridge know-how. I have learned quite a lot since the research began. From Altitude Sickness, Apres-Ski attire & how to stand up in my ski's... to Polygamy Porters, the best brand of base layers and how to judge the best ski weather. Chris and I immediately went to Ski'N'Stuff, a local ski shop, and started trying stuff on. I went a little crazy and bought 2 pairs of ski pants, 3 pairs of base layers, sock liners & a fur scarf. One of my best friend's went to Tahoe a few years back and pretty much had everything else I could possibly need. So I am literally ready to go. :) My MIL let me borrow her Canon Rebel camera so I can take some beautiful snapshots of the landscape while we are there. Can't wait to share them!!

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