Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas cheer

I was finally getting into the Christmas spirit 3 days before Christmas. I am reassuring myself that the lack of holiday cheer this year has been due to a newborn in the house and starting back to work the week before Christmas. I still can't help but be excited for the years to come when we get to play Santa and load Ri up with goodies that she will squeal about as we videotape every second of it. I can't wait to take her to the Polar Express or drive around drinking hot chocolate and eating sausage balls while looking at Christmas lights. I especially can't wait to start her tradition of opening up a pair of Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve every year for her to wear to bed while Santa makes his stop at our place. We never did that tradition at my house growing up, but my friends did and I loved it. I just can't.wait.

In lieu of that future tradition, I naturally spotted some pretty presh Christmas pajamas that I am hoping some stinkin' cute kid out there was wearing this Christmas Eve.

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of my little munchkin in her Christmas pj's of course.

And Copper...

Even though time hasn't really allowed it to feel like Christmas for me this year, my house on the otherhand, is feeling quite festive. It is just a bit toned down from years past. Here are some instagrams of the Campisi abode this holiday...

Our one and only tree. Rustic with pheasant feathers, burlap and moss.
I plan on one day having a food themed tree in our kitchen,
as well as an Auburn tree for our beloved tigers.
Guess I should be asking for a bigger house for Christmas!

Rilynn's very own Christmas tree in her nursery. I never want to take the thing down.
It is adorbs and  has been quite a good nightlight! 

Ri's very first Old World Christmas ornament I bought her this year.
Baby's 1st Christmas ornament from Li Li, right next to the OWC ornament of Copper. Duh.

My sideboard is decorated with live evergreen and NOEL was a Pinterest idea.

I am obsessed with our stockings. Mine and Hubs are the ones on the outside. I adore them.
I  purchased them on Etsy back in the day, but you can read about them here.
Rilynn and Copper's were not purchased together but wound up complimenting each other perfectly. 

And I had to add this last one of our annual Tacky Christmas party at some friends' home.
I was a leg lamp and am pretty proud of it.

Merry Christmas to all!

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