Saturday, December 1, 2012

two months

Two months old... I find myself getting choked up now when I see movies or tv shows of people delivering, or finding out they are pregnant. The movie Nine Months came on yesterday and I cried. I watched the Giuliana and Bill episode where they introduce Edward Duke to the world- 3 times- and cried each time. It seems like I just left the hospital, yet so long ago, all in one. I am loving that little Ri's personality is starting to evolve but now I understand how much I need to cherish the moments we get to just sit and cuddle while she is so tiny. 
Ri is starting to coo and make the cutest little noises and really loves to check everything out. She is an UP and OUT baby- doesn't like lying flat on her back, doesn't like facing you in her Baby Bjorn. She wants to sit up and out and see everything. 
She loves the Christmas tree lights, getting kisses from Copper and grins from ear to ear when you tickle her feet. She has started smiling when I come in to see her and I just eat it up!!

We have started sleeping longer through the night, although we aren't quite there yet. We are still getting up in the MOTN but it is only once and usually around 3 or 4 so it isn't too bad! We HAVE finally cut down to about 5-6 feedings of 3-4 ozs each, but it literally just happened suddenly in the past few days so we are definitely making great progress. 

Rilynn is still a great sleeper, but after a few days of tiny naps=tiny feedings, I decided to try her on her tummy. Unfortunately for me, the SIDS nazi, she loved it. Slept full naps and ate full meals. So, I have started putting her on her tummy during the day for naps since I can check in on her and stare at her monitor and she is sleeping in her swing in our room at night. She doesn't like being flat on her back, thus not putting her in her crib right now. I have been debating and have decided that once she can roll over, we are going back to her crib and I am just going to let her sleep how she wants. By then, SIDS likelihood goes down anyways. I have also purchased the Angelcare movement monitor for both Rilynn and myself for Christmas. Afterall, it will give the gift of sleep to us both!

We went for our 6 week doctor appt and got 5 vaccinations. She did great. Of course she screamed bloody murder but I had a bottle ready. She immediately forgot about it. She woke up screaming later that afternoon after her nap, but once I gave her some love and some Tylenol, she was good to go. No fever, nothing. That's my girl! 

Doc said she was now 9 lbs, 3 oz and 21 1/2 inches long! I am not at all surprised she is slower in the weight department but I am quite shocked that she has grown 4 inches since birth considering both of her parents are shorties. Either way, she is 50% in both height and weight but I am expecting it to slow down at some point. She is going to be a little one! 

We have left our Newborn diapers and I have had to put away newborn clothes. Sad day. But it also provides me with more fashionable options in the bigger sizes. 

We had our first holiday- Thanksgiving, and ate our way through it. Rilynn slept. 

Two month happenings:

Supported my Tigers through the worst season in history. 

Helped Mom and Dad vote in the presidential election on November 7, 2012. 

Shopped Christmas Village, which was a nightmare. But I did get this cute outfit out of it!

Happy Turkey Day!

Sitting in my Bumbo for the first time!!

We are very excited for Rilynn's first Christmas and enjoying it as a family. I can't wait to see what changes she has in store for us in the coming month, but will keep you updated, it is also my sad return to work! 

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  1. She is so cute! She is almost as big as Griffin was at birth :) why do I have to have giant babies?! I am always tearing up about pregnancy and births. I just wanted to share with you that both of my boys are tummy sleepers. Cam slept on my chest in a reclined until he could roll, but I got and angelcare with Hadley and it gives me such peace of mind :)