Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Months 1-2 Must Haves

I seriously don't know how I could have gotten through without this monitor. I can carry the homescreen anywhere in the house and be able to see and hear her every peep, I can talk to her through it & it is super easy to take with you anywhere you might want to have it available for use. 

This thing is super cheap but has spa sounds, including a heart beat, that sound much more realistic than some devices. Rilynn was not a huge fan of her Sleep Sheep but we use this sound macine every single time she sleeps. Plus, it has projections to play on the wall when she is a bit older. 

I did a lot of research on my diaper pails before Rilynn arrived. I have smelled one too many nurseries that immediately made you think, Dirty.Diaper. This diaper pail has been everything I read it would be. Super easy to change out (you can use regular 'ole garbage bags!) and I seriously don't smell a single diaper as long as the lid is closed. It is amazeballs. 

Our tub situation was a bit tricky. Our PUJ tubs never really fit right in our sinks, and Rilynn was so tiny she would just crumple into a little ball at the bottom and scream. Until her stump fell off, we just used a foam matt and sponge bathed her on the counter. But then I found this tub. I wasn't excited about it's bulkiness, but I liked that it would grow with her and for now, had a perfect little nest for her to bathe in while so tiny. We have been super pleased with it.

I learned quickly that I hate despise newborn gowns. Totally sucks since I had a ton of them, but they just seemed so time consuming to get that elastic all the way down her body, and then back up when it was time to change her diaper. I found that footies were our favorite. We didn't have to pull them over her head and we only have to unfasten the legs to change her diaper so she isn't fussy from being cold. I know they keep her warm, and they are just EASY. And you can find a gazillion super cute ones. 

Rilynn has had a pretty stuffy nose since birth and is now producing some nice little boogs overnight. I have used the NoseFrida from day one and she has never really had a problem with it. I spray a little Saline Spray in her nostrils in the morning, change her diaper and then suck it out. In the evenings before bed, I let the shower run after I get her out of the bathtub and let the vapors loosen up her nose and then use it again. Hubs gags when he watches me use it. Wimp. 

We have loved this carseat. Top of the line, kiddos. I feel like she is safe in it and it seems quite cozy. Plus, I just adore that it snaps so easily into it's base as well as our stroller. 

A friend of mine told me about these. I ordered them for Rilynn for Christmas but let her have a sneak peek at them when she was only 7 weeks old. She was mesmerized! Since she was at an age where there was some new alertness but no capabilities to do anything, we used these cards to work on her tracking skills and  just because. 

Some point during the first two months, Rilynn changed from her Soothie pacifiers to these and her Nuks. I like these for bedtime because they sit so flush on her face and don't have the little handle that pokes out. Since we are tummy sleepers (I know, I know), the other pacifiers would fall out constantly. 


  1. That's funny about the gowns...my husband was the exact opposite. He hated anything with snaps and said gowns were easier cuz you could just pull it up and pull it back down. I swear our child lived in gowns for the first month because he refused to put anything else on her lol! He is now okay with snaps but prefers zippers :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! It will be really helpful when you go with me to register! ;)