Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I could squeal out loud I am so excited. Well, actually, I did just that... in my car on the way to work today. Today is the last day of school. Although I still have to come to work for another week, there will be no students so the days will be filled with music, cleaning and end of the year paperwork. But! Even that won't begin until Tuesday because we are headed to the beach as soon as I leave work today. A high school friend of ours is getting married this weekend & hubs is a groomsmen. I love me some beach weddings. This day has been anticipated since Christmas! I jumped in the car this morning happy to have a gorgeous day to head to the beach, and Madonna's Like A Prayer came on the radio. Now, if anyone knows me, old school Madonna was my heart as a child. Put that with the last day of school and a beach trip? Even Rilynn was doing flips in my tummy all the way to work!!!
So, we are taking a vacay and I will be back with preggo updates next week. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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