Wednesday, May 16, 2012

lucite shelving

Halfway through the work week. Actually, we are halfway through our last week of school here in the 'ole world of education. I know, I hear moans and groans coming from every jealous direction, and I don't blame you. Look at it this way though- say hello to nice, easy drives to work for 3 months! This summer, however, I will be spending most of my well-deserved pregnant time on the couch or looking like a beached whale somewhere. There couldn't be anything worse than being big and pregnant... at work... in the dead of a Southern summer. God bless you all that have had to endure THAT nightmare!!

Anyways, I just went completely off course... let's get back on track now, shall we?!

We have a narrow wall in between the nursery doorway and closet door, that is only about 34" wide. I wanted to use that space to house all of Rilynn's children's books (my mom is a media specialist so seester and I grew up loving books- I am determined for my daughter to do the same!), but I also wanted something that wouldn't take up too much visual space since not only is the wall tiny, but the entire room is basically a cracker jack box. I was giddy when I stumbled upon Kirsten Krason's post on  6th Street Design School about these amazeballs shelves from Clear Solutions. Cheap and exactly what I was looking for.
I purchased 5 of them for hubs to run the length of the wall.

Here is how the shelves look in Kirsten's son's room. Just precious! 
I love how the books seem to be floating on the wall. 

Jett's room via 6th Street Design School
Well, they arrived yesterday and are now up and functioning quite ideally. Actually, they are perfect in every being of the word and I am in ΓΌber love with them. Here are the pics to prove their awesomesauce-ness. (Yes, I just said that. What can I say, I am a wee bit excited.) 


Shelves are in! Time to fill 'em up.

I bought 5 shelves, and after some deliberation, I think I am going to add the 5th one to the bottom of the rows seen here. I initially thought 4 would be plenty, but not only do I have more books that need a home, but these things are so stinkin cute, I can't get enough of them!

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