Friday, August 5, 2011

we are only promised today

Last week, me and my sister's two very best friends from our childhood lost their mother to an inoperable brain tumor that they had not even known about a week before when she suddenly started having headaches. I have worked with their mom for the past few years and had just spoken to her at the beginning of July. We always talked about the girls and how things are going, or reminisced on times long gone.
It's interesting how events like this can trigger an overwhelming amount of emotions that you cannot really account for. Not only had our friends lost their mother at a very young age, but it was also a closing of the curtain on what part of our childhood we had left. Ms. Peggy had been our other mother so to speak through all those years. Never would we think she would suddenly be gone. And for our friends to lose their mother, them still being in their 20s, really put into perspective for Jessica and I how hard that would be if we were in their shoes. When I heard the news, all of those wonderful old memories came flooding back and it was sad.

These are the events in life that should really be the basis for everything else we do. It just goes to show: you really and truly never know if you will have tomorrow. Or who in your life will be gone tomorrow. I immediately had the urge to go out and do things I have always wanted to do but have always put off, thinking I will have tomorrow. Or next year. But who is to say that I will?
A trip to Italy. Skydiving for a second time. Plunging into a career I want but have been too scared to do. Having kids. All of these things are put off for one reason or another. We need to save money, its too risky, what if it isn't worth it... maybe next year will be better timing. Really? How did we come to that conclusion? What will be so different? Probably nothing.
My outlook on life has drastically changed within a matter of days. I have to cherish all of my time here on Earth. Really take in the simple things, the small things, because those are the ones that matter. I need to spend as much time as I can with all of the people I love, get enough sleep but not more than needed- even if I am dreading the day, at least it's mine to have. enjoy life in the moment.

Our dear friends are in my heart and prayers daily. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through. May God give them strength and walk them through this long journey of grief and eventually into a place of peace and acceptance.

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