Monday, May 16, 2011

What Caribbean Dreams Are Made of...

With only 8 days standing between me and 3 months of endless summer, I am dying inside for some tropical climate. Especially since we have gone back & pulled our winter coats out for the past few days in May (huh? I know, right!?)...
Every minute I have to daydream, I am immediately somewhere warm... breezy... salty. After our honeymoon trip to Jamaica last year, and being that we are headed to the beach in 3 days (eek!!!), I am so feeling caribbean blues and greens right now. Of course, I want my own beach house so I can put all of my blue hues to work because I just don't see much of it cooperating in my house. And in the dead of winter, I'm not gonna lie, a Caribbean bedroom would just make me that much more ill for summer again. But right now? Its what's ahead and I am like a kid at Christmas.

Here are some pics from our trip to Jamaica that just exude the design colors I am obsessing with this summer:

Breathtaking, isn't it? This is the spot where I seriously got the best sleep since infancy.

I loved the black and white awnings over the back of our hotel. The whole place had a very modern vintage feel.

I was also obsessed with the tile in this place (this place being Couples, Tower Isle if you were wondering). I loved the pattern so much I told Mr. Hubs that I was making a Jamaica room when we returned home.

This bathroom! I went in there all the time just to stare at the walls. It mimics the sun glistening off the crystal blue waters.

This is the jacuzzi tub in our room that I never used... but I loved that it looked right out to the isle, and the blue walls with all white... so relaxing.

Check out these other blissful rooms of paradise...

I love love love this bedding from West Elm. It immediately takes me away. 

How fun is this hallway of blue? And I love the sneak peek of seafoam green in the room to the right of the hall.

Umm.. that view is nothing short of sickening. One day, it will be mine. And I am smitten for the floorboards of blue.

Not really a fan of these drapes... I feel that they are a bit heavy for this space, but I still find this room amazing with all the different shades and hues. Love the geometric shapes in the chairs and mirror- that give a quirky and mod flair to the room. Bench seating is all the rave right now and I love this one. Could you imagine how much would be taken away from this space if the bench was replaced with a fourth identical dining chair? Boring!! Moroccan love. The floor, the sconces, the lighting, the tile walls, the architectural cabintrey. Wow.

How fun is this? It makes me think of a fun, tropical paradise. Lots of life. Like a festival at night.

Pinch me. That headboard is unreal. Love it with the striped drapes... the crystal sconces, the acryllic lamp and mirrored side table all keep the eyes on the teal. Like the mirrored effect in this room? Check out my post on all things mirror.

I think I just died and went to heaven's bathroom. Gawking over this chadelier and the Robin's egg blue ceiling. The moroccan stool oozes teal, mimicking the fabulous teal glass lamps that flank each side of the vanity. Marble, crystal and mirrors. Is anything more gorgeous? See more on similar moroccan stools here.

Ikat. BLUE ikat.

This dining room reminds me of the walls in my Jamaica pictures. Fancy schmancy.

Another hallway of blue, but this time only on the ceiling... with one bright red chair awaiting you at the end. I love it. And I am dreaming that there is a roaring ocean on the other side of those wall to wall windows.

Don't even know what to say about this room. Whether it becomes my one-day baby's nursery or my one-day daughter's room, it is now going into my saved file. locked down. Periwinkle walls and ceiling; beautiful, crisp white crown molding... the arched window, gorgeous bedding, the striped Louis armchair... and how about that white trunked floor lamp?!? adore.

Fun! I have the turquoise lamp to the left- I got it from Pier 1 a few years ago and love it. See it on my desk here. How about this wall? Would you dare go this bold? I love it. It is balanced out by the rug and white accents- lampshades, drapes, couch... and the same white trunk floor lamp as the picture above. The lucite coffee table is a must. With all that is going on in this room, anything but clear would be suffocating. 

Lucite, lucite, lucite. With a view like this, the only decor should be that ocean. I die.

Check out this tufted sofa from Anthropologie. I love the lime color of the butterflies on the lamp shade. And of course, that driftwood table.

This is another room by Anthropologie. I love it for so many reasons. I am immediately taken somewhere tropical, colorful and exotic. The birds of the curtains and chair, the cats nuzzling in the armoire (which by itself is spectacular)... and this caribbean blue wall is just gorgeous.

Some tropical treasures...

Bone inlay mirror from Anthropologie

Shellbourne chandelier- Z Gallerie

 Crate and Barrel Seafan Shadow Box
Sumba accent chair- Z Gallerie

Flamenco shower curtain- Anthropologie

Aquamarine Mimosa window panels- Z Gallerie

Isola Bella bath mat- where else? Anthropologie.
Driftwood end table- Crate and Barrel
silver nest placemate & aquamarine china- Z Gallerie

 Crate and Barrel Ginger Salt table

Have a great Monday night! I will be wishin' myself to Margaritaville...

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