Monday, August 8, 2011

copper comes home

Copper is the love of my life. I don't have any children yet so all of my maternal instincts go straight to this furry ball of preciousness. He is a Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier + Poodle) from Willowbrook Kennels in Oklahoma. I thank them daily for sending me a pup with the personality and charm anyone would hope for out of a pet. I have always had animals from the Humane Society so I didn't feel morally wrong for choosing a bred puppy. Especially since my criteria including some crate/potty training and no shedding was a MUST after my years with Sandy (who is live and well living the life at my dad's!). How we came to find Copper is another story...
We went to some family friends', the Smith's, house back in November for the Heisman party, rooting on our Auburn MVP, Cam Newton. There I fell in love with Natalie and Sean's Cavapoo, Rebel. Natalie immediately called their breeder and had her email over some pics of Willowbrook's current puppies. As soon as I saw Copper's little face, I knew he was destined to be mine! The kicker? The price tag... and the fact that we had only even begun discussing the addition of a dog to our family for a matter of days. Chris did not even seem interested while we were talking about these dogs for the rest of the evening. The next day, I was still talking about them nonstop and Chris pretty much told me to get real. That next day, Monday, I still couldn't stop obsessing. While at work, I just decided to up and email the kennel and ask about Copper. The quick email response was disheartening: Copper had been adopted the night before. Then, I just had to make sure I got one like him if I couldn't have HIM so I emailed the breeder back, asking if I could put a down payment on one in the next litter (they say the males tend to be more lovable and Copper was the last male in the current litter). Well, she never wrote me back. I was not very pleased but decided to go on with life and hit the puppy conversation at a later time.
Forward to two days before Christmas. Chris is in the oil and gas business and deals with landowners. He travels a good bit and meets with them all the time. So when he told me he had an early meeting with a landowner that morning, I didn't think much of it. I was lazy that morning and had just rolled out of bed and was making it up when I heard Chris's truck pull up. It was a few minutes before he came in the house, which was weird, but I kept on with what I was doing. About that time, the front door swings open but no one comes in. I did a double take to see why Chris would just be standing outside of the front door, and as I did, a little fluffball came trotting through the door. Right behind it was Chris and his mom, camera in tow. I was in such shock that I kind of just looked at the puppy and back at them a few times. I even asked the dumbest question ever, "Is he mine?!" Then I sat on the floor and when that little pup I had loved from afar came and sat in my lap, I started crying.
Chris had been the one who adopted him the night after the Heisman party. When the breeder put two and two together after I emailed her, she never responded to my email because she said I caught her off guard and she didn't know what to say! Due to snow in Oklahoma, Copper arrived a few days earlier than Christmas morning, and I was thrilled.
Since then, he has become a hit with all of our friends and family. He is the sweetest thing, playful, smart and has been an unbelievably good puppy. He loves all people, all animals, and has found a new love for water. Here are pictures of Copper thus far. You will hear A LOT about him in the future!

                                                     This is Copper on his first day home!

Copper and his sister, who was Christmas morning to some kids in Vestavia. This is right when they met the carrier from Oklahoma.

                            Lisa, my MIL, getting Copper ready to come see his new momma!

This is the picture from the breeder that started it all...

                          Rebel needed some credit too. He was the real reason for my puppy love!

Copper and I both experienced our first white Christmas together. He loved it!

                                         So tute! He only fit in this sweater for about a month!

My sister Jessica (a.k.a Aunt Jessie) is a Copper addict. Here they were playing for the camera.

                                                  Copper checking out the lake for the first time.

         Eyeballing the cats next door. He wants them to play so bad! I don't think the feeling is mutual.

                                           Not much help with the yard work, but that's ok.

                                               In the RZR with daddy! This picture is so funny.
                                            Chris is such as guys' guy but has such a girly pup!

                 Copper loves to drink the water in the shower. When I can't find him, he is usually here.

                                                                   Bubba and momma!

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know Copper. But don't you worry, the adventures of Copper are far from over!

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