Monday, September 2, 2013

the shore life

Crazy life has kept me from dishing on the shore life- our 1st family vacay to the beach! We went to our beach of choice, Orange Beach, AL for the last week of July to celebrate my MIL's 50th birthday. That was all she wanted- a week at the beach with the babe. We had a blast. My in-laws are super cooks so we naturally just ate in the condo every night for dinner and just hung out. During the day we lived in the sand. Ri and I would play in her baby pool under the tent and occasionally go down with the fam for a dip in the ocean. Ri was never against the ocean, but by the end of the week, she LOVED it. She was digging the sand from day one and apparently liked the gritty texture because she continuously tried to eat it. This was also the trip where we discovered just how much Italian she actually inherited, and although she won't ever be as dark as her daddy and uncles, she definitely tans very very well. I, however, came back looking like I hadn't even seen the beach since I sat under the tent the whole time.
Lisa's actual birthday day called for a day on the boat. We spent some time at Pirate's Cove & then the rest of the day at Pensacola Pass. Ri loved everything about everything EXCEPT that damn life jacket. I am talking screaming.bloody.murder all the way from The Wharf to Pirate's Cove. Needless to say, I was ready for a multiple bushwhackers once we arrived.
The car ride to and from the beach went exceptionally well. I would like to say it is all because we swapped her to a convertible carseat the day before we departed, and it was the first time I popped in her Baby Babble DVD. She watched it on repeat the whole way down and the whole way back home. It is god-sent. Go get it! We are now on disc 2 and it is like a special treat for her to get in the car because it is the only place she gets to watch it. I have not had an issue getting her in the car seat since. Can't rave enough.

She preferred to be naked than to wear a wet suit. Don't blame her a bit.

Her first glimpse of the ocean

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