Monday, September 2, 2013

ten months


oh geez. I am all sorts of out of whack/schedule/sync these days. The summer flew by, was crazy busy- yet I don't feel like we ever really did anything- and now I am back at work so we are just now getting around to our ten month post- one day shy of 11 months. That is ok. I am trying to teach myself to let stuff go. So I am letting it go that I am a week late posting. So now, let's try and figure out what all Ri developed in the past fleeting month...

Ri is saying Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Hey AND Ca-Ca (which is supposed to be Copper or Cop Cop). She usually says Ma-Ma when she is super tired or whining, and Da-Da for everything else. Ri went to the beach for a week this month- her first beach trip. She loved every second of being out there.

She also had a week of tears when she went down at night; I wonder if she knew I was going back to work that week.

She is definitely a mama's girl these days and is clinging to me at all times. It is frustrating sometimes when I really need to get things done, but all in all it is so precious and I cherish her loving on me for I know one day I will long for it again.

A few things I will one day forget: she started giving open mouth kisses this month and will even give them to her doggies. It is too precious.
She has a funny face she will make sometimes and I still have no idea where it came from or what she is doing. She will crinkle her nose, puff out her cheeks, pucker her lips and blow air out of her nose- sorta like a kid who is huffing and puffing over not getting their way. It is the cutest thing to watch.

I sadly cannot remember all of the details of July and now know why I swore to do these posts to begin with, but I can hardly remember what I did yesterday anymore, let alone a month ago. It was our last few weeks of Summer vacay so for the most part, we just cuddled on the couch anyways. Either way, here
are some pictures from the month...


mommy + mini

trying on hats for the beach!

the dog days of summer

reading her favorite book

loving her new convertible carseat!

one of her favorite pasttimes

a little morning sensory play

can we say HAPPY?!

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