Monday, March 5, 2012

baby + breckenridge

Hi friends! A LOT has happened since I last posted. We went to the Obstetrician to "confirm" my pregnancy on Valentine's day. Not only did we confirm that yes, I am indeed pregnant, but we also got to hear the heartbeat! I was only 6 weeks and one day at the time so I was actually shocked we were able to hear the heartbeat on our first visit. It was the perfect Valentine's Day present. We then went and looked around my favorite baby store, Swaddle, while we waited on a table at Jensei for sushi (I can only eat California rolls, but that is ok!).
Two weeks ago, we went on our big trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with a group of our friends. It was an absolute blast!! My doctor advised me not to ski just because I have never skiied before. She was more worried about others crashing into me, but once I got there, I had to at least do ski school. Not only did I wind up doing ski school, but I also skiied two other days on top of that. My instructor told me I was the "star student" in ski school, and that I had natural ability thanks to my dance background (although I am wondering if he tells everyone that...). I totally allowed that to go to my head and was skiing down blue runs by Day #2. Hubs was actually skiing Blacks by Day #2. I was very impressed and really hope this baby winds up with some pretty nice athletic ability. :)
I decided not to push it after that, and took the other days off. One day I went shopping while everyone else skied and another day half of us went dog sledding which wound up being my favorite part of the week. It was so much fun getting to drive the sled and steer the pups. The boys wanted a little bit more adventure but the dog sledding was a nice change of scenery from the slopes. It was truly gorgeous out there and we enjoyed every minute with our friends. I desperately needed the time away from work and Birmingham and we cannot wait to go back. The cold I now have was well worth it!
Below are some pictures of Baby Campisi's first appointment, as well as our trip to Breck.

Baby, the size of a poppy seed on February 14, 2012

First night! Notice the two birthday boys with their precious birthday hats that they didn't take off for the entire evening. Each night a couple was designated a dinner and the next morning's breakfast. It was a wonderful way to eat great food, take home some recipes and leave some extra cash in our pockets. 

Hubs and I on our first day at ski school. 

First day! We were so excited! I'm not going to lie though... I got quite frustrated a few times with all of the gear we had to sport around. 

My friend Molly and I on the ski lift. Molly has been a good friend of mine since middle school. I love that we wound up at different schools and years down the road wound up back together.

I think this is hubs and I on our last day. It was super cold and he was taking me down a blue that I did NOT want to go down...

This is the Four o'clock Run down the back of our condo. I loved being able to ski right to our house in the afternoons. It sure beat being exhausted and having to then load up on a bus. 

These are our pups from the dog sledding day. Beautiful aren't they!?

 Leah and I on the dog sled. We each took turns driving the sled. So fun!

I cannot wait to go back. Hubs is ready to get our baby out there- he wants he/she to be like the little kids in Breck that would ski circles around us. :)

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