Monday, September 5, 2011

lake martin meets copper

Our friends invited us a month ago on a last minute trip to their family home on Lake Martin. Um, Duh we are in!! Not only is their house gorgeous and soooo what I want to retire in, but Lake Martin is my favorite spot besides the beach. Also, there are rare occasions these days that The Mitchell's lake house is actually free on a weekend Chris is home. So we packed our bags and headed to the lake... with Copper in tow. He has horrible car anxiety so I never get to take him anywhere. I feel bad because he is almost one and hasn't really gotten to experience interaction with many people and animals outside of our home. So we decided to take the chance and pack him in the car with us.
Best decision, ever.
We got to the lake and The Mitchell's dog, Ringo was there. Ringo and Copper are bff. Luckily, Ringo has more energy than he knows what to do with so he could keep up with an excited little puppy. We went on a late night boat ride and Copper fell in love with the water. He wanted to stand with his paws drapped over the back of the boat the whole time. Even when his little legs got tired, he wouldn't rest for long before it was back up to the seat to let his ears flap in the wind. So weird coming from a dog who hates the car, or the window down. Saturday morning Chris and I had to drive over to Auburn for his brother's graduation from Building Science (Go Pat!). Right when we got into town, I received a picture message. It was a picture of Copper. Swimming. In the middle of the lake. I about died. It said that noone had even coerced him. He waded in and just started swimming... and that he was an excellent swimmer! I was two things: 1. so excited that I finally had a dog that enjoyed the water, swimming and playing fetch; and 2. A little sad that I missed his first swim. It's like missing your child's first steps!! :)
We hurried back to the lake around lunch so Chris could continue cooking his boston butt for dinner. The pups swam all day and we all just hung out and enjoyed each other's company. Sheri is back from Australia with her boyfriend, John, so we got to spend a lot of good convo time with them. I LOVE going there!!
Sunday, most people left early but a few of us stayed for Sunday Funday. We rode around on the boat all day, taking in the April tornado damage and drooling over massive, beautiful homes. After getting pizza from Chuck's Marina for lunch, we anchored at a little island to let the dogs cool off in the water. This weekend was Monkey See, Monkey Do for Copper and Ringo. Which I loved, because at the island, Ringo taught Copper the art of fetching sticks out in the lake. Copper slept the entire way home and went straight to bed when we got back. I think he literally slept for most of the next 3 days. I am so grateful for having wonderful friends, wonderful places to spend time together, and wonderful puppies!!!

Here are some pictures of the lake house (true life: I am obsessed) and our August trip to the lake!

There are only a few pictures of the lake house but you can get the idea of why I adore it so.

I just love this house. Everything about it. The floor to ceiling cedar walls, the green colored window panes & baseboards, & all the rustic decor in between.
And this cathedral arch sofa table? I melted the moment I saw it.

Check out this gorge master bathroom, would ya?

 This is one of the many guest rooms. But I wanted to share this amazing headboard.
The picture doesn't do it justice!

And here are some pictures of Copper the day he met the water...

Swimming out to meet Ringo and the stick.

 My precious pup is not so attractive when soaking wet...
but he couldn't care less about his looks at the moment!

Taking a break from paddling with the hubs.

I love love love him in his lifejacket. He obviously didn't need it, but he is somewhat on the lazier side of doghood so he enjoyed not having to work.

I could definitely get used to having this backdrop every evening. But I am thankful to have friends who will share it with us! Copper says thank you as well! :)

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